Temperature Controlled FREIGHT Trucking Services

The transportation of essential products depends on temperature-controlled freight services. Temperature-controlled freight uses specialized equipment to regulate the temperature of cargo shipments such as perishable goods, high-tech equipment, and pharmaceuticals.

Temperature-controlled trucking maintains a product's integrity throughout delivery, allowing it to travel long distances and across different climates. Effective temperature-controlled trucking safely transports products without incurring any damages due to drastic changes in temperature. Many beverage distribution companies rely on temperature-controlled freight to ensure their products do not freeze and burst during transportation.

Benefits of Temperature-Controlled Freight

Temperature-controlled trucking takes the headache out of delivering temperature-sensitive products. The optimized temperature level within the trailer ensures the product are safely transported at any time of the year. We work with established temperature-controlled freight providers that prioritize safe handling and delivery.

Many industries and products can benefit from temperature-controlled trucking. Industries and businesses such as pharmaceutical businesses, liquor distributors, pet food manufacturing plants, food manufacturers and high-tech research centers rely on temperature-controlled trucking for both importing and exporting.

Overseas Container Logistics Can Find You the Perfect Solution

OCL is a freight forwarding specialist with an extensive background in North American truck freight. Our relationships with Canadian and American-based carriers ensure capacity for your cargo at a competitive rate.

We help businesses find trucking services that fit their requirements. Our solutions provide customers with extensive transportation options for any shipment. Overseas Container Logistics can assist with trucking services that range from:

  • Full truck load
  • Less than truckload
  • Temperature-controlled
  • Flat deck
  • Intermodal
  • Over Dimensional
  • Hazardous Material

Overseas Container Logistics is focused on making logistics easier for our clients. We customize our services to allow customers more convenience and precise control over transportation solutions.

We are cross-border freight experts and can help U.S. companies seamlessly import goods into Canada. Our carriers have in-depth experience with border crossing requirements, paperwork and handling customs clearance, ace manifests, and coordinating with brokers. We can facilitate getting products into the country efficiently and more affordably than competitors.

We are experts in temperature-controlled trucking and our cost-effective solutions can be an effective part of a customized distribution plan. If you have any questions, contact us.