Flat Deck Trucking Services Vancouver

Flat-Deck trucking services are used in countless industries to move large containers, heavy machinery, odd-shaped loads, and much more. There are various types and sizes of flatbed trucks depending on the type of cargo you are moving. Flat deck’s carry general cargo, unitized shipments, and large containers.

Effective flat-deck trucking can provide any sized business with greater transportation flexibility. This service can reduce loading time and enhance delivery options.

When is Flat Deck Trucking Used?

Flat Deck trucking effectively transports heavy goods, such as mobile homes, steel-frames, and baled tires. Flat-deck trucking is also commonly used for:

  • Transporting machinery
  • Delivering stacked lumber supplies
  • Oversized cargo
  • Transporting agricultural equipment

The main advantage of flat deck truck freight is that it provides the most efficient way to transport large equipment or bulk shipments. Flat deck freight services efficiently transports cargo that cannot be loaded into a dry van. They are also utilized when the loading or offloading facility cannot accommodate a dry van and has to unload from the ground.

The Benefits of Partnering with Overseas Container Logistics

Overseas Container Logistics provides flat deck trucking services for Canadian and American businesses. We can ship dry cargo to any major port in the world. In addition to flat deck trucking services, we also provide the following truck freight services:

  • Less than truckload
  • Full truckload
  • Temperature-controlled
  • Over dimensional
  • Intermodal

Overseas Container Logistics works with businesses to customize their personalized supply chain for today and tomorrow. Our specialty is North American freight forwarding services. We leverage our industry connections to provide businesses with lower rates, an efficient clearance process, and better product visibility.

With OCL, solutions are always in motion are we focus on leveraging our expertise and connections to adapt to the fast-moving, ever-changing global logistics markets. If you have any questions about our Flat-Deck Trucking Services, contact us today.