Intermodal Trucking Services

Intermodal freight forwarding services transport container shipments and intermodal containers. This form of trucking has longer transit times but lower costs. It is ideal for businesses looking to move containers over long distances.

Overseas Container Logistics provides intermodal freight forwarding services to ensure your container shipments are delivered professionally. Our long-established relationships in the freight industry make us an invaluable solution for businesses looking to diversify from more expensive over-the-road options.

When is Intermodal Trucking Used?

Intermodal transportation is used to connect multiple delivery services. Intermodal freight effectively moves containers from one mode of transportation to the next. Drayage often involves transporting containers to ports, terminals, or rail stations.

Drayage reduces shipping costs and streamlines the delivery process. Rather than renting a nearby storage facility, a company uses a freight forwarding service to expedite the delivery.

The Benefits of Working with Overseas Container Logistics

OCL has partnerships with global ocean and air carriers. We pair this with our extensive network of truck carriers in North America to provide worldwide coverage for any cargo shipment. We provide customized intermodal transportation and have established an extensive network that spans North America. Working this Overseas Container Logistics provides benefits including:

  • Online cargo visibility systems.
  • Professional guidance throughout the entire process
  • Competitive rates
  • Access to established and quality carriers
  • Premier agent network
  • Convenient global and domestic transportation options.

The international freight industry is constantly changing. Many businesses are searching for efficient transportation methods to improve their supply chain. Those looking for cost-efficient transportation options should consider intermodal services.

Working with our freight forwarding service also helps American businesses save money on exporting goods to Canada. Our services increase delivery flexibility and facilitate a smooth customs clearance process. We are experts in cross-border freight.

Overseas Container Logistics offers reliable intermodal trucking services at a very competitive cost. Our freight forwarding keeps businesses running smoothly while minimizing headaches and reducing expenses.

If you have any questions about our Intermodal Trucking Services, please contact us.