Air Freight Forwarding Services

Air freight forwarding has always been the preferred service for time-sensitive shipments. Businesses rely on air freight forwarding services for shipping high-value goods, perishables products, pharmaceutical drugs, electronic devices, manufacturing components, and other urgently required products.

Overseas Container Logistics offers a reliable air freight forwarding service for all-sized businesses. Our established carrier relationships, agent network, and experience in the industry help reduce costs and ensure reliable deliveries.

The air freight industry is a fast-paced, growing industry. It has become essential for businesses worldwide to transport high-value goods to buyers around the globe. International companies rely on air freight forwarding services to move perishable goods, high-value cargo, and other products quickly and seamlessly.

OCL is an all-encompassing air freight forwarding provider in North America. We offer the following air freight services.

High-Value Cargo

Overseas Container Logistics assists with freight forwarding services for high-value cargo. Our global network relationships with airlines and agents help us find the best transportation solution for high-value air cargo.

Learn more about our High-Value Cargo Freight Service.

Perishable Goods

Overseas Container Logistics offers an air freight forwarding service that prioritizes safe and secure transportation of perishable goods. Our expertise in managing the logistics process is essential to transporting perishable products as safely and efficiently as possible.

Learn more about our Perishable Goods Freight Service.

Air Charter Services

OCL can arrange on-demand air charter services when there is a need for just-in-time delivery of high-value products or perishable goods. Our air charter services include temperature-controlled options and will deliver a cargo shipment as quickly as possible.

Learn more about our Air Charter Service.

Air freight forwarding services are not a “one size fits all” solution. The key to incorporating air freight forwarding services is to understand your needs and which services will improve delivery speed. Working with a top air freight forwarding provider, such as OCL, is the most effective way to improve all aspects of a supply chain.

Overseas Container Logistics simplifies the entire air freight forwarding process. Our staff ensures that each touchpoint along the route is tracked and communicated to the customer. If you have any questions, contact us.