Ocean Freight Forwarding Services

Overseas Container Logistics provides customer-specific ocean freight forwarding solutions for businesses across the globe. Our strength is our direct relationships with carriers and our agent network.

Ocean freight forwarding offers delivery capacity and reliability that other modes of transportation cannot provide. When large volumes of merchandise need to be transported over vast distances, ocean freight is often the only feasible choice.

Finding a trustworthy freight-forwarding service is a prudent decision for businesses. Overseas Container Logistics is a trusted freight-forwarding company that is proud to offer the following:

  •  A competitive price point
  •  Efficient transit time requirements
  • Customs clearance and document filing
  • Detailed space and equipment requirements
  • Online cargo visibility systems

OCL can assist with the following ocean freight services.

Ocean Freight FCL

FCL (Full Container Load) ocean freight services ensure that an entire container is delivered safely, effectively, and affordably. FCL service is used when goods need to be shipped from one place to another on a vessel already hauling thousands of containers.

Learn more about our Ocean Freight FCL Services.

Ocean Freight LCL

LCL (Less Than Container Load) shipments play an essential role in international freight transport. This service transforms ocean freight into an affordable and reliable service for small shipments. This form of shipment is ideal for companies with minimal shipping needs and high-traffic shipping lanes.

Learn more about our Ocean Freight LCL Services.

Ocean Consolidation Services

Ocean consolidation services reduce shipping costs and offer a flexible means of ocean freight shipping. It is similar to an LCL service but provides more control over small shipments. Our service will lessen transit times, improve handling, provide greater cargo visibility, and reduce costs.

Learn more about our Ocean Consolidation Services.

Break-Bulk Shipping

OCL can provide freight forwarding services for break-bulk shipping. This method of transportation is a cost-effective, safe, and secure logistics solution. Companies that have a low volume of cargo and require specialized shipping solutions will benefit from break bulk shipping.

Learn more about our Break Bulk Shipping Services.

If you have any questions about our Vancouver ocean freight services, contact us.