LTL - Less Than Truck Load Services vancouver

Less than truckload services are solutions for businesses struggling to get their products to the market. With less than truckload services, you get to transport small cargo deliveries inside a single freight truck.

Less than truckload is commonly used to transport delicate products, but also for carrying small and heavy cargo items. LTL services allow businesses to get their goods to their markets without needing to fill an entire shipment in a truck bed.

The Benefits of Less Than Truckload Delivery

Less than truckload services help businesses adapt and overcome the expensive costs of trucking. They act as an alternative to renting a full truck and paying for storage space at the local freight terminal.
Additional benefits of LTL include:

Cost Saving:

One of the biggest benefits of trucking is cost. Less than truckload services are cheaper to ship using since you do not have to pay for the entire cargo area inside a freight truck.


Most businesses that use LTL services do not store their goods at local terminals for long periods of time. This makes it convenient for customers who do not need to store their cargo in a terminal until they are ready to transport it themselves.


When you use LTL, you do not have to wait in line with other customers trying to reserve an entire truck just for your goods.

How to Find the Right LTL Carrier

With so many common carriers in the market for LTL, it is challenging to know who will be best, on what lane, for what type of cargo, and for what type of timeline. Need an expedited service but only need to ship 1 or 2 skids? OCL provides all services including Bonded or DG LTL.

OCL provides customers with a variety of LTL service and transit time options from the most economical to the fastest transit time. Our experience and network of carriers allow us to provide the best solutions for your LTL requirements.

OCL has a global network of LTL carriers that makes it easy to find reliable and cost-effective services.

AT OCL, we set ourselves apart from all the single service LTL carriers out there by listening and learning exactly what kind of an LTL solution is truly required. OCL Is not your “common carrier. We are your one-stop shop for every possible LTL, truckload, intermodal request out there.

If you have any questions about our Less Than Truckload Delivery Service, please contact us.