Break Bulk Shipping Freight Services

In logistics, break-bulk shipping refers to an ocean freight shipment of unitized bulk products or commodities. Our freight forwarding service assists with break-bulk deliveries of oversized equipment, machinery, and cargo containers. Breakbulk shipping is a popular means of ocean freight that safely delivers:

  • Pallets of dry bulk products
  • Bundled lumber supplies
  • Barrels of bulk liquids
  • Other forms of unitized cargo

Break bulk ocean freight is a dynamic industry with a strong demand for cost-effective, safe, and secure logistics solutions.

Break-Bulk Cargo Vessels

Break-bulk ocean freight requires a multi-purpose or general cargo ship. This type of vessel is ideal for break bulk shipments because of its ability to accommodate the unusual size of certain cargo shipments. With break bulk shipping, shipments from different suppliers are stored together.

These vessels often come equipped with cargo handling equipment, allowing them to berth at almost any port. Gearless breakbulk ships, meaning those without equipment, can only berth at a terminal with suitable equipment.

Canadian Break Bulk Freight Forwarding

Working with a freight forwarding service is often the best way to manage break bulk cargo shipments. Our freight forwarding service is used by Canadian and American companies involved in international trade.

Our freight forwarding experience for break bulk shipments makes us an attractive option for all companies. Our specialty is importing bulk goods or oversized equipment into Canada or North America. We leverage our relationship with Canadian and American partners to help businesses with the following:

  • Find the right vessel
  • Arrange for port calls
  • Complete customs documents and ace manifests
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase product visibility

Overseas Container Logistics is a premier freight forwarder. Our global partnerships help us effectively ship products from Asia to North America promptly. Our industry knowledge ensures that our customers can depend on us every step of the way. We take pride in our relationship with our customers. If you have questions about our service, contact us.