Yacht Transport Services

Yacht transport is an alternative to moving a yacht around the globe by motoring itself. Yacht transport can be serviced by a variety of shipping methods. Break bulk vessels or container vessels can both be utilized for this service; however, a freight forwarder will have to have specific expertise on how to load these vessels.

If you are looking to ship multiple yachts it would typically be done on a break bulk vessel whereas a container vessel may be used to ship one yacht from origin to destination. Various factors are involved in selecting the appropriate shipping method such as the length, hull configuration, and lifting restrictions of each individual yacht.

Why Utilize a Yacht Transport Service?

Motoring Yachts across the globe can be met with many challenges. Unpredictable weather conditions can greatly affect transit times and the cost of transport. A more predictable alternative by moving on an ocean carrier will likely maintain cost consistency and provide a more predictable time frame.

Using Overseas Container Logistics for Yacht Shipping

Overseas Container Logistics team members have years of experience and understanding in yacht transportation. Our team has transported countless yachts successfully, in one year alone in excess of 200 yachts. With this experience comes our understanding of what is required during the loading and discharge process, and how the cargo must be safely handled. In addition, our expansive global network has the capabilities to facilitate the special handling required at both origin and destination. For more information on how Overseas Container Logistics can benefit in the transportation of a yacht, contact us.