Retail Freight Services

Overseas Container Logistics can serve a crucial role in managing the supply chain for a retail business. Reducing transportation costs for products is one of the most effective ways to improve a bottom line.

We are an all-encompassing freight forwarding service with established carrier relationships across the globe. Our services are suitable for retail businesses in the United States and Canada. Working with us gives a retail business access to an extensive global and North American distribution network, and the support of a team with decades of retail logistics experience. OCL assist retail businesses with:

  • Facilitation of customs process
  • Cargo Visibility
  • Bill of landing preparation
  • 27/7 customer support
  • Cargo insurance
  • Professional handling
  • Sea, air, and truck freight services

Working with Overseas Container Logistics will greatly improve the supply chain for a retail business. With our established sea, air, and truck freight partners, we diversify transportation lines and ensure that cargo continuously flows through the supply chain. Our varied delivery options allow us to adapt to changing timelines and efficiently pull cargo to a more effective form of delivery when necessary.

We are the experts in cross-border freight, which we leverage to our advantage. Our freight-forwarding services will help reduce costs, improve cargo visibility, and improve cargo delivery timelines.

What Retail Businesses Need Freight Forwarding Services?

Any retail business looking to optimize its supply chain can benefit from a professional freight-forwarding service. We specialize in assisting American-and Canadian based businesses that are shipping cargo into North America.

We have worked with large retail brands in North American, managing multiple aspects of their supply chain. Our team of experts can reduce costs, facilitate the customs process, and provide invaluable expertise for every shipment.

We provide essential freight forwarding services for retail businesses, including:

  • FCL ocean freight
  • LCL ocean freight
  • Ocean consolidation
  • Air charter
  • High-value air cargo
  • Sea-Air
  • Sea-truck

Why Partner with Overseas Container Logistics?

Overseas Container Logistics (OCL) is a freight forwarding service that provides air, ocean, and surface logistics solutions. We blend years of hands-on retail experience and strong industry relationships to provide superior freight service.
At Overseas Container Logistics, we have the technical experience required to handle any transportation, import, or export challenges that a business will face. Our management team is built on decades of combined experience in the retail logistics industry. Contact us today and improve your supply chain efficiency.