Perishable Goods Freight Forwarding

Air freight services effectively transport perishable goods that need to be kept cold during their journey through the supply chain. This service is commonly known as air freight service for perishable goods. When it comes to delivering perishable goods, air freight forwarding is worth considering.

A freight forwarding partner ensures perishable goods are delivered quicker and maintain their optimal product quality.

When is Perishable Goods Air Freight Service Used?

Air freight is a great way to send perishable goods to any part of the globe and have them maintain freshness. An air freight perishable supply chain helps companies maintain product quality throughout delivery to ensure products arrive in peak condition

Air freight forwarding services offer companies the fastest way to get small and large quantities of perishable goods to any destination. Companies that ship the following products will benefit from the use of air freight:

  • Fresh produce
  • Fresh fish & meat
  • Plants and flowers
  • Pharmaceutical and temperature-sensitive items

With the help of a professional freight forwarding company, all perishable goods shipments are delivered in optimal condition.

Using Overseas Container Logistics for Perishable Goods Shipping

Shipping perishable goods by air freight is complicated. Both charter and cargo planes can be used to transport goods, depending on schedule, commodity, location, and more.

Perishable air cargo delivery can work in conjunction with an ocean freight supply chain. A combination of the two will improve efficiencies in multiple areas of a supply chain. Overseas Container Logistics can find the perfect solution for each business.

Overseas Container Logistics offers reliable air, ocean, and truck freight forwarding services for businesses in North America. Our goal is to help every business deliver the best possible product to any location in the world. We offer specialized freight forwarding services for perishable goods.

If you have any questions about our Perishable Goods Freight Service, contact us.