Marine Spares & Parts

Marine spares are aftermarket parts for repair and replacement on vessels. Vessels will be located all over the world and sourcing spares from factories and suppliers in different countries. There are two categories of spares, for repair immediately or for warehouse storage in a base port.

Many spares are project-oriented, there will be mass swap-outs of specific parts for a full class of ships to be done at the same time. Most of these shipments are air shipments due to the urgent nature of the cargo. A freight forwarder must have specialized knowledge to manage these supply chain requirements.

Why is Handling Marine Spares Different than Other Cargo?

In most cases marine spares are not going to an importing country, rather the vessel is the importing entity. Alternatively, parts for repair may be delivered to a factory globally and then returned to the vessel. Due to these unique factors, a freight forwarder must have the expertise and knowledge on how to navigate the paperwork and customs formalities for these types of specialized moves. It is essential that a freight forwarding service understands how logistics work from point of origin to ship side either at anchor or in port and in reverse.

Using Overseas Container Logistics for your Marine Spares

Overseas Container Logistics assists with specialized freight forwarding services around the globe. We use our extensive network and experience in servicing marine spares. We have an intricate understanding of how the lack of efficiency in the supply chain can have extreme cost implications. Overseas Container Logistics has the expertise to move your parts efficiently. For more information on how we can build a program for your marine spares, contact us.