Worldwide Shipping and Logistics Fall Update

October 18th, 2022 in Freight Shipping & Logistics News
Worldwide Shipping and Logistics Fall Update

As we head into autumn and what are traditionally the busiest months for shipping and logistics, we wanted to give you a general world shipping and logistics update. In today’s blog article we will review what is happening here in Canada, North American, and elsewhere in the world as it relates to shipping and logistics. 


For the moment, a lot of the problems that we saw during the summer appear to be easing. Wait times for container ships waiting to get into ports are decreasing in general. As port turnaround times improve, the market opens up and becomes slightly easier to navigate. 

Some of the easing in shipping is due to a general slowing of the world economy. The price of crude oil has decreased over the last few months, stock markets are somewhat down, and all of this affects retailers’ outlook on how many products they want to stock on their shelves and they think they will sell. We will have to wait and see how much consumer demand drops or imports fall as we head into Christmas. 

North America 

There are still some problems in North America. There is still a backlog of ships waiting to get into the Port of Vancouver, but it’s a smaller number than there was in July. Seaspan settled its dispute with the union of tugboat operators (Canadian Merchant Service Guild) which was causing problems in the Burrard Inlet, and picket lines have come down. The Canadian Minister of Transport announced new actions to ease transport and supply chain problems across Canada. 

The Mississippi River is flowing at record low levels due to drought which is hampering internal shipping in the southern United States. Interestingly, many companies are implementing new strategies in warehouses to make them more attractive to workers and ease the staffing shortages brought on by COVID-19. 

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