What Are Some Special Requirements for Over-Dimensional Truck Freight

What Are Some Special Requirements for Over-Dimensional Truck Freight

Over-dimensional truck freight refers to freight that doesn’t fit inside a normal truck container. The freight may be too tall, too wide, too heavy, some other awkward shape, or some combination of the previous characteristics. 

In this blog, we’re going to talk about what you need to know about over-dimensional truck freight.  


The route that your freight is traveling becomes important with over-dimensional truck freight? Different areas and towns have different rules governing how high the freight can be or how wide or how much weight can be on each axle as the truck drives down certain roads. So, the jurisdiction and route take on special importance.  


In addition to the rules of the towns and roads, the shipper has to consider obstacles that may cause problems during the ride. For example, depending on height and/or width, the oversized load could interfere with trees, power lines, bridges, and overpasses.  

Pilot Vehicle

In some areas, one or more accompanying vehicles and flag people may be required to accompany the load down the highway. This is an extra expense, and typically takes extra time as well, if traffic will need to be stopped to let your load pass.  


The total weight of the shipment could be important depending on where it is going. Time will need to be spent determining if the route can handle the weight of the load.


Sometimes there are other considerations, such as regarding loading or delivery. Is there any packaging or repackaging required. 

If you are using a shipping and logistics provider, choose an experienced company and give them all the relevant information regarding your over-dimensional truck freight in order to get an accurate quote. If you need some help with over-dimensional truck freight, please contact Overseas Container Logistics in Vancouver at (604) 295-8236, and let us help you find the best solution for your shipping problems.

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