Understanding Freeze Protect Season in Logistics

by admin October 3rd, 2023 in Freight Shipping & Logistics News
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Freeze Protect season in logistics is a critical phase that takes place roughly from mid-October to mid-March. As the temperature dips, the need for specialized freight care increases, particularly for temperature-sensitive products like beverages and pharmaceuticals.

While the timeline of the Freeze Protect season can be subjective depending on various company processes, this period generally marks a significant shift in logistics requirements.

Addressing Unique Product Requirements

During Freeze Protect season, certain products demand specific care to ensure they maintain their quality, integrity, and functionality. For instance, beverages require controlled temperature environments to avoid quality degradation.

However, not all logistic providers can adapt, limiting the available freight capacity. This shortage puts extra demand on trucks or containers containing inclusive heaters or reefers, which can create delays for businesses.

Managing the Freeze Protect Period

With the constrained capacity and potential logistic hurdles, it becomes crucial to manage the Freeze Protect period effectively to avoid supply chain disruptions. The first step to managing the Freeze Protect season is to plan ahead of time. Work with a partner that is prepared for these seasonal fluctuations.

If you need to make deliveries during the freeze-protection season, many logistics companies offer specialized services during cold-weather months. From protective blankets to heated compartments or trailers, these services can be an essential asset in preserving the temperature integrity of the product.

Freeze Protect season is an inevitable part of the logistics calendar, requiring adjustments in operations. But with strategic planning and support, it can be managed efficiently, ensuring zero disruptions to your supply chain.

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