The Recent Container Ship Accident Near Vancouver

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On Friday, October 22, 2021, during a storm, the cargo ship, Zim Kingston, loss a substantial amount of cargo in the rough seas off Victoria, BC, when the ship tilted an estimated 35 degrees. Initially, an estimated 40 containers had come off the ship, but now that number has risen to an estimated 109 containers. Two of the 109 containers are believed to contain hazardous materials.

Tug boats were initially unable to retrieve any containers because of the force of the storm. Now, a few weeks later, some containers have sunk, some have beached themselves either near Vancouver or on the Vancouver Island side. Containers still afloat are drifting north in the Georgia Strait and being monitored by both Canadian and US Coast Guard services.

The Zim Kingston initially had a fire on board the ship after the containers were lost, but the fire has since been extinguished.

Some local businesses are beginning to feel the supply chain effects of the lost containers as some of them were transporting large appliances and Christmas decorations.

A few crew members are still aboard the Zim Kingston where it is anchored off of Victoria awaiting repairs and the docking and unloading of the remaining cargo.

Clean-up of debris continues both in the waters and along the shores of British Columbia as various government and private contractors have been called in to help remove containers and airlift large pieces.

Investigation continues into why the Zim Kingston remained out at sea in high winds during the storm instead of seeking shelter like other big ships at that time.

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