Ocean Carriers and the Current Blank Sailing Situation

Ocean Carriers and the Current Blank Sailing Situation

Blank sailing occurs with an ocean freight operator skips a certain port, a string of ports, or an entire country. When your products are on a vessel that cancels on a set sailing schedule, you may have to deal with unexpected delays, product shortages, and a loss of market share.

Most ocean freight deliveries happen on a fixed route and follow a consistent schedule. When there is a low demand for vessel space, holidays, or external factors such as port congestion or storms, a carrier may choose to skip a portion of the delivery route to avoid delays.

Avoiding blank sailing is not always possible, but careful planning can reduce your chances of having your products delayed due to blank sailing in 2023. 

Keep Extra Inventory on Hand

If you are consistently ordering products from Asia and storing them in a North American warehouse, you are always at risk of a blank sailing due to external factors. Ensure you are ordering extra products before the holidays and storm seasons to avoid the risk of blank sailings.

With an Experienced Ocean Carrier

Working with an experienced freight provider can minimize the risks of blank sailings and reduce any delays when they do occur. At Overseas Container Logistics, we prioritize clear communication during the entire shipping process. 

We take care of your product from the moment your product arrives at our facility until it reaches its end destination and provide clear updates at every step of the process. Contact us today to learn more about our ocean freight services.

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