Information You Will Need To Get an Accurate Truck Freight Quote

Information You Will Need To Get an Accurate Truck Freight Quote

Sometimes clients shop around to get freight quotes. However, getting an accurate freight quote is not that simple. The shipping and logistics company needs quite a bit of information in order for a quote to be accurate.

In this blog, we’re going to talk about what you need to know in order to get an accurate truck freight quote.

Unit Type

Is your shipment traveling by truck? Only truck? Does it need to change modes of transportation? 


What is the size or volume of the shipment? Is there anything unusual about the size? What are the sizes of the pallets?

Origin and Destination

Where is your shipment being picked up and where is its final destination?

Description or Classification of Goods

What is a description of the goods and/or what classification does it fall under? Live fish are treated differently than candles, for example.


Is your shipment LTL or FTL. In other words, will it be a full load that takes up the whole truck?

Value of Shipment

What is the declared value of the shipment? 


What is the total weight of the shipment?

Speed Required 

What speed is required to get your shipment from its origin to its destination?

Special Handling

Is anything special required for the handling? Is the shipment especially fragile or does it need to be kept at a certain temperature, for example?


Does the shipment require any storage at any time during the transport? Any changes in the packaging? Any consolidation or deconsolidation? Anything the shipper needs to know about the delivery or unloading? 

If you are using a shipping and logistics provider, choose an experienced company and give them all the relevant information in order to get an accurate quote. If you need a quote for your shipments, please contact Overseas Container Logistics in Vancouver at (604) 295-8236, and let us help you find the best solution for your shipping problems.

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