How LTL Freight Can Improve Your Bottom Line

April 22nd, 2022 in Trucking Freight
How LTL Freight Can Improve Your Bottom Line

The term LTL refers to “less than full load” in shipping and logistics. Many companies that ship small volumes of product or ship in small batches use LTL shipping. There are some significant economic benefits of LTL freight. In this blog article we will talk about what those advantages are.


When a company ships products using LTL, that company will only pay for the space used within the trailer. Other companies shipping products in the same trailer pay for the rest. Companies save money by only paying for what they use on a given day.


Small LTL shipments are usually packaged on pallets. Well-packed pallets typically make their journey in better condition than products packaged in other ways. If a company has less damage to their products during shipping, that is an overall cost savings. 


Delivery of LTL shipments is often faster. In addition, LTL shipments are often on trucks that have rear liftgates to speed up loading and unloading. Speed and efficiency is one of the most important parts of shipping and logistics.

Tracking and Security

Today, LTL shippers have sophisticated tracking systems in place, and they also are very security conscious. By using a third-party LTL shipper, you may have access to much better security and tracking than a small company could provide for their own products.

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