How Freight and Logistics Companies Manage Supply-Chain Problems

December 1st, 2021 in Third Party Logistics 3PL
How Freight and Logistics Companies Manage Supply-Chain Problems

Global Supply-Chain Challenges

There are currently many supply-chain problems worldwide and there are some that are specific to British Columbia because of the recent flooding and road closures. Having an experienced freight forwarder can make a big difference for clients navigating all the current supply-chain problems.

Expertise in Shipping Operations

Freight and logistics companies will be aware of all the major players in shipping and which ones are operating efficiently and which ones are not. The freight forwarder will have inside information regarding how to get your product shipped in the mostly timely and efficient manner, and, for example, any recent changes in documentation that are required due to COVID.

Real-Time Awareness of Delays

Not only can the freight forwarder know the individual shipping companies, but the freight forwarder will also be aware of any and all road, shipping, airline, and train delays that change on a daily basis. Some roads on the Lower Mainland, for example, have reopened to commercial traffic but only for specific truck weights.

Container Backlogs and Transit Challenges

Some shipping ports have large backlogs of containers that need to be loaded and unloaded with freight stuck in transit. Some of these problems are due to COVID-19 staffing issues, and some are due to winter weather delays.

Streamlining Operations

The freight forwarder can also help you to consolidate the movement of product or minimize delays with warehousing or packaging or repackaging.

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