Benefits of Intermodal Transportation in Canada

February 25th, 2023 in Ocean Freight, Intermodal Shipping
Benefits of Intermodal Transportation in Canada

Intermodal transportation allows businesses to minimize costs and speed-up delivery times for cross-continent deliveries. The goods are stored within a large intermodal container (up to 40 feet) in intermodal shipping. For domestic shipping, these intermodal containers range between 20-40 feet.

What Are the Benefits of Intermodal Transportation

The first benefit is flexibility. Because of their unique shape and size, intermodal containers can easily be transported by trucks, boats, and trains, giving businesses more flexibility with delivery options. 

The next benefit of intermodal transportation is cost savings. For businesses that deliver across the entire continent of Canada, the cost of fuel can add up quickly. Using a train, plane, or boat for part of the delivery will minimize fuel costs and improve your bottom line.

Finally, businesses that incorporate intermodal transportation into their logistics process also have more consistent deliveries. If a delivery road is compromised due to weather, traffic, or an accident, intermodal transportation helps you create a new route and get the goods delivered on time.

Does Intermodal Transportation Work for Canadian Businesses?

Intermodal transportation can greatly improve the day-to-day operations of businesses. With more consistent and cost-effective deliveries, you can focus more on improving other areas of business. Additionally, intermodal transportation ensures deliveries are consistently arriving at retailers, regardless of external factors. This leads to more sales, better brand awareness, and increased customer happiness.

As you can see, intermodal transportation can be beneficial for Canadian businesses delivering internationally or domestically. If you are to see if intermodal transportation is right for your business, contact OCL today. We take the challenge of shipping out of your hands, freeing up your time to focus on your core business.

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