Benefits of Consolidated Shipments

October 31st, 2023 in Freight Shipping & Logistics News
Benefits of Consolidated Shipments

Transportation of beverage products between Vancouver and Edmonton can be a daunting process that significantly impacts a business's bottom line. For those looking for an affordable and flexible solution, Consolidated shipments can be game-changing for your supply chain.

Cost-Effective Logistics

One of the cornerstone benefits of adopting consolidated shipments is the significant reduction in transportation costs. When you need to get a small order out quickly, there is no need to overpay for unnecessary space.

Consolidated shipments benefit retailers and shippers, as they only pay for the portion of the truck that the beverages occupy. On average, businesses can save up to 50% in freight costs when using consolidated shipments compared to standard LTL.

Decreased Delivery Times and Damages

Assume you own a popular craft brewery in Vancouver and wish to expand your product offering to Edmonton. If you wanted to send a small test order through standard LTL freight, your beer might first travel to a regional hub, change trucks, and then to another hub in Alberta before finally being dispatched to Edmonton.

Consolidated shipments bypass these multiple handling points and consolidate shipments bound for similar destinations (like Edmonton) into one truck. This truck takes a direct route, reducing transit and processing times drastically. Now, you will have your beverages at the retail location while they are still at the peak of their freshness, impressing retailers and consumers.

Finally, with consolidated shipping, fewer transfers minimize the amount of handling, reducing potential damage during transit.

Integrating logistics strategies like consolidated transportation can save you money and optimize your delivery process. If you are interested in learning more, contact Overseas Container Logistics today.

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