Air Charter Freight Forwarding Services

Air cargo charter services are a costly but effective delivery method. This term describes the process of renting an entire airplane. Air charter services provide total control of flight time, destination, and cargo load. Air charter services are often used for passenger flights and product deliveries.

In logistics, air charter offers the quickest means of shipping goods. Large companies use air charter services to deliver shipments domestically and internationally. The expedited shipping process of air charter services turns delivery time into a competitive advantage. Small businesses can also benefit from air charter deliveries through a freight forwarding service.

The Benefits of a Reliable Air Charter Service

For businesses that require regular shipments, air charter services provide flexibility, speed, and security. Having a reliable air charter service provides businesses with a slew of additional benefits, including.

Safest Delivery Method

Air charter freight deliveries are very secure compared to other delivery methods. There is very little chance of the shipment getting lost or damaged during transit. Air freight is also the safest way to deliver sensitive cargo and valuable goods.

Fastest Delivery Method

An air charter service can deliver cargo in a matter of hours compared to weeks with ocean freight services. An air charter service also discharges its cargo much closer to the final destination when compared to ocean freight.

Lower Warehousing Costs

With an air charter service, products are delivered quicker and often go through clearance faster. Products spend less time in the warehouse and more time on the shelves.

Why Partner with Overseas Container Logistics

Overseas Container Logistics assists with freight forwarding services in many parts of the world. We manage the entire delivery, provide professional delivery, and offer competitive rates.

We use our long-standing carrier relationships and experience to ensure our air charter services are timely and safely deliver all your shipments. If you have any questions about our Ocean Consolidation Services, contact us.