Agricultural Equipment Delivery Services

Over the past decade, Agricultural Equipment technology has made giant strides forward. North American manufacturers are front runners in this development that has radically impacted farming on a global level. The agriculture industry has become heavily dependent on modern-day equipment and technology to increase quality and yields.

Critical to the success of this technology, the equipment must be in the field at a specific time, and missing that window is not an option. An experienced freight forwarder will be able to navigate the challenges of matching the demand amid supply chain limitations.

Why Should You Utilize a Freight Forwarder With Specific Expertise?

Conventional supply chains do not meet the current demands of the agricultural industry. Supply chain solutions must meet the critical milestones of seeding and harvest season for the end user. There are two different categories of agriculture equipment supply chains.

One is creating inventory to move machinery to specific locations across the globe, another is offering a full logistics solution right to a farmer’s door. There are various transportation combinations that can be utilized to achieve specific timelines and supply chain goals. It is crucial to work with a forwarder than can efficiently navigate the various alternatives.

Overseas Container Logistics builds supply chain solutions that meet the needs of the agricultural industry. With decades of combined experience, our team understands exactly what it takes to get your cargo moving. This can involve creative changes to standard ocean routings or an airline service to meet deadlines, specialized equipment, and documentation needs.

Our expertise dramatically impacts your end user getting their cargo at the right time. OCL has developed specialized execution strategies for regions including Australia, Europe, Eastern Europe and specialize heavily in Russia. For more information on how we can support your supply chain needs, contact us.